Iecranian Legacy

Once upon a time, in a land neither to far nor too near, there lay a land of many great things. To the people that live there, it is known as Iecrane. However, as to any other, it is known as the mysterious paradise in the bay. By bay, of course, they mean the Sea […]

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Why I envy the over-achievers

Being positive is difficult. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that we can be, and yet it doesn’t come. For instance, learning how to play chess is a great accomplishment, and yet losing in the process can cancel out the achievement. I’ve had this happen to me more than once. The thing about over-achievers is that […]

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Confidence in 5 easy steps

When traversing the many routes and possibilities of going to the school system of Hampton, I have found myself being looked at in many a different perspective. There are some I come across that see my glasses and dismiss me as a stereotypical nerd. There are others who have them themselves been dismissed as underlings […]

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It’s complicated

My relationship with YouTube is complicated. As a frequent watcher, (to say the least,) I have some great channels that I resort to if I can’t find the latest Star Citizen update. First of all, Pewdiepie is a shockingly new favorite. I also consume TheImperatorPat, the Yogscast, and TheThirdPew. With TheImperator’s channel, I try to […]

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When all else fails…

Blogging is so much easier when you’ve got something to talk about. When you’ve got such a fascinating life, you don’t have problems like this. I swear, writer’s block is a curse. For many years, I’ve had all of these ideas, all of these stories, (and most of all, all of this modesty,) but none […]

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